Hiring a maid? Here's a free cleaning checklist Service in Kingston & St. Andrew

Hiring a maid? Here's a free cleaning checklist is available in Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine

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It's Eric from New Kingston Cleaners.

I just wanted to drop you a little freebie, for when you're hiring a helper for your home.

A Free Cleaning Checklist

When hiring someone to clean your home, its always a good idea to have a strongly defined list of things to do. Otherwise the cleaner will just do as they want. Sure, some will do a good job, but unless you say exactly what you want, you will never be completely satisfied.

So use our checklist with your helper.

And if you're having a problem finding someone to clean for you, or just with the quality of their cleaning...

We're ready to help!

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Eric Smith
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P.S. It's the same cleaning checklist we use

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