Gardening and Landscape Service in Kingston & St. Andrew

Mowing, leaf trimming, tree and plant care. A New Kingston Cleaning landscaping team will get your home, office or condo premises in perfect shape every week.

Gardening and Landscape is available in Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine

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Gardening & Landscaping

Maintain a beautiful and aesthetic garden without any effort! 

Having a garden is a blessing as it allows you to be close to nature and experience relaxing outdoor activities. But gardens also require a lot of maintenance. 

If you don’t have the time or affinity to deal with your garden, it can easily become a mess and fill you with frustration when looking at it. There are countless jobs to do from cleaning, weeding, trimming, taking care of plants and tress, watering, landscaping and so much more. It’s almost a full time job. 

That’s why you should leave it to the people whose job it is, so you can enjoy your garden without putting in many hours of back-breaking work to make it look beautiful. 

Enter your request online or call to have an experienced team take over for you and expertly maintain your garden to the utmost standards of care and beauty. All you will have to do is enjoy a beautiful green space that has been dealt with for you. Relax and enjoy your plants, trees and flowers, and spend your days in the comfort of a well-maintained garden. 

New Kingston Cleaning employs professional and conscientious gardeners with years of experience ready to serve you at a moment’s notice in the Kingston and St. Andrew area.  

Achieve the garden of your dreams without any effort and rest assured that any maintenance work will be taken care of. So you can focus on your responsibilities and enjoy your garden whenever you want to relax. Your garden should not be a source of worry and frustration, but a beautiful space that you can take advantage of whenever you want. You can arrange a regular gardening schedule so all the garden chores will be taken care of when needed. 

If you arrange a regular schedule for gardening, or if you have multiple locations that need this service, you can get a discount. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the level of professionalism and service, you can receive a full refund from New Kingston Cleaning. 

Call us now, or click the button below to request gardening services. 

What's in your Gardening & Landscaping service


Your service providers show up on time to your location to carry out your Gardening & Landscaping service.


Team members are not only qualified, but they will work for innovative solutions to any problems.


While we are not the least expensive and not for everyone, you get a service that is guaranteed, or your money back.

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