Polish to Perfection: Restoring Homes with Deep Cleaning Expertise

Polish to Perfection: Restoring Homes with Deep Cleaning Expertise

Discover the expertise of New Kingston Cleaning in Kingston, Jamaica, where we specialize in restoring homes with thorough post-construction deep cleaning services.

In the bustling heart of Kingston, Jamaica, where the rhythm of life beats strong, we at New Kingston Cleaning have had the privilege of transforming homes, one meticulous clean at a time. Recently, we undertook a challenging yet rewarding project for a client who sought our expertise in post-construction deep cleaning.

The Challenge

Shenelle Crosdale and Paul Ann Murphy, seasoned members of our dedicated team, arrived at a residence that bore the marks of recent construction work. Dust and remnants of the building process cloaked every surface—walls, cabinets, windows, and floors—all awaiting the careful touch of restoration.

The Solution

With precision and care, Shenelle and Paul Ann embarked on their mission. They methodically removed paint specks and layers of dust from every conceivable surface, ensuring no corner was left untouched. Beginning in the kitchen, the heart of any home, they meticulously cleaned countertops, cabinets, and appliances, ensuring a spotless environment for culinary creativity to flourish once more.

Moving through to the living room, they dusted and polished furniture, bringing a lustrous shine to cherished pieces that had weathered the construction storm. Every nook and cranny received attention, from baseboards to ceiling corners, ensuring a thorough cleanse that restored freshness and comfort.

The Result

By the time they reached the bedroom and bathrooms, Shenelle and Paul Ann had already set a high bar for cleanliness. Here, their efforts intensified as they scrubbed and sanitized, leaving no tile unturned and no faucet unpolished. Each bathroom gleamed with renewed sparkle, a testament to their dedication to surpassing client expectations.

Client Satisfaction

As the sun set on another successful project, our clients returned to a home transformed. The satisfaction was palpable—a space once disrupted by construction chaos now exuded tranquility and cleanliness. For Shenelle and Paul Ann, their satisfaction lay not only in a job well done but in the smiles and gratitude of clients who reclaimed their sanctuary.


At New Kingston Cleaning, our commitment goes beyond cleaning; it’s about restoring spaces and lives. Whether post-construction or routine maintenance, every project is a testament to our dedication to excellence. If you seek a transformational clean that exceeds expectations, trust New Kingston Cleaning—where every surface tells a story of restoration and renewal.