How We Transformed a Dirty House into a Pristine Home

How We Transformed a Dirty House into a Pristine Home

At New Kingston Cleaning, our team transformed a neglected home with meticulous attention. From dusty bedrooms to sparkling bathrooms and a refreshed living space, every corner received thorough care.

In the bustling neighborhoods of Kingston, Jamaica, every home tells a unique story. For one client, their story began with a call to New Kingston Cleaning, seeking a transformation for their beloved but neglected home. Lisa Ann Lewis, Shenell Crosdale, and Dean Crosbie were tasked with the mission to restore cleanliness and comfort to a residence that had fallen into disarray.

Assessing the Challenge

Upon arrival, Lisa Ann, Shenell, and Dean were greeted by a home that spoke of busy lives and moments shared. Yet, amidst the warmth of memories, layers of dust and grime obscured surfaces, and scattered belongings hinted at a lack of organization. The task ahead was clear: to bring back the sparkle and order that this home deserved.

Executing the Plan

With meticulous planning and teamwork, Lisa Ann, Shenell, and Dean embarked on their journey. They began by tackling the two bedrooms, where beds were made anew, and surfaces were dusted with care. Each bathroom received a thorough scrubbing, leaving tiles gleaming and mirrors reflecting clarity. The open-concept kitchen and living area underwent a transformation as countertops were wiped clean, floors were mopped to a shine, and every corner was dusted of its cobwebs.

Attention to Detail

No sofa was left unturned as the team meticulously cleaned and refreshed the upholstery, ensuring comfort and cleanliness in every seat. Windows that once obscured views with grime were now clear portals to the outside world, inviting natural light and fresh air back into the home.

Customer Satisfaction

As the day drew to a close, Lisa Ann, Shenell, and Dean stepped back to admire their work—a home reborn through dedication and hard work. Their client returned to find not just a clean house, but a sanctuary restored to its former glory. Smiles and heartfelt thanks from the client spoke volumes of their satisfaction and gratitude for a job well done.


At New Kingston Cleaning, every home transformation is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Through teamwork, attention to detail, and a passion for customer satisfaction, Lisa Ann Lewis, Shenell Crosdale, and Dean Crosbie exemplify our mission to provide the best in deep cleaning services. Whether it’s two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open kitchen and living area, or even a beloved sofa, we take pride in bringing cleanliness and comfort to homes across Kingston, Jamaica.

For your own home transformation, trust New Kingston Cleaning to exceed your expectations. Contact us today and let us bring the shine back to your home.