House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Tips

NKC specialize in providing thorough and professional cleaning solutions to ensure your home is sparkling clean and well-maintained.

Here are a just a few things that we do during a typical Standard House Cleaning:

1.Sweep, mop and dust - We clean high traffic areas by vacumming carpets or mopping hard floors to remove dirt and debris. Dust shelves, tables, cuntertops, and other surfaces to eliminate dust and grime. We often pay attention to often overlooked areas like ceiling fans, light fixtures and baseboards.

2. Organize and tidy up surfaces to create a clean canvas - We start by removing items that don't belong in each room, organizing scattered belongings, and tidying up surfaces to create a clean space.

3.Sanitize Kitchen and Bathroom - We understand that the kitchen and bathrooms are the two main rooms to get dirty easily in a household. We are always equiped with special equipments to sanitize these areas thoroughly.

4. Change Bed Linens - Refresh bedrooms by changing bed linens, fluffing pillows, and tidying up bedding to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for rlaxation.

5. Empty trash - This is a crucial aspect of our house cleanin service. Ensuring that waste is properly disposed of to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Our team empties all trash bins throughout your home, leaving your space fresh and free of clutter.

Schedule your house cleaning now to enjoy a spotless livin space without the hassle!