Outstanding house cleaning in Kingston, Jamaica

Outstanding house cleaning in Kingston, Jamaica

Our customer for this cleaning contacted us through WhatsApp. They were very precise as to what they wanted us to do for them. 

They instructed that they wanted us to deep clean their home that consist of 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and a small laundry room.

They explained that they wanted us to focus on everything but mainly vacuuming the carpet, mopping, making sure the 4 closets in the home were  all spic and span and to make sure their 2 ceiling fans were cleaned. 

Three (3) of our excellent staffs went to this location in kingston, Jamaica to make sure our customer’s needs were fulfilled! 

After the cleaning was done, our customer was satisfied and pleased with the turnaround of his home and the cleanliness it portrait!

You can book your house cleaning TODAY, with just a call, whatsapp message or book on our website hassle free. Let us know if there are any specific areas/things you’d like us to pay close attention to and whatever your request is, we will fulfill it.