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Get a fresh look for your home or office with the our painting service. We'll help you select colors and do the painting leaving no spots or smells so you can go back to using your environment as quickly as possible. Request an estimate now.

$8,000.00 - Per Room. Discount available for multiple rooms.

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Service in Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine

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House Painting  New Kingston Cleaning
House Painting  New Kingston Cleaning
House Painting  New Kingston Cleaning
House Painting  New Kingston Cleaning
House Painting  New Kingston Cleaning
House Painting  New Kingston Cleaning
House Painting  New Kingston Cleaning
House Painting  New Kingston Cleaning

House & Office Painting

Want to give your house a bright makeover and lift your mood without breaking the bank? 

You don’t need to do a full redecoration or renovation to feel better in your home. Changing the color of the walls and giving it a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. 

It can be tiring and time-consuming to do yourself though. You need to buy supplies, make sure your furniture and floors are protected, and it’s back-breaking work. Enlisting the help of a professional painter can do wonders for your home or office space. 

All you need to do is pick the colors and the professionals will do the rest, providing you with a fun and fresh look for your home or office. You can also get walls and partitions cleaned from dust and accumulated dirt that causes discoloration and a look of disuse and old age. 

Enter your request online or call to receive painting services done professionally to suit your taste and needs of your space in particular. Whether you need painting, re-painting, cleaning of walls or partitions, whether indoors or outdoors, you can get the best service and enjoy the results quickly and effortlessly.

New Kingston Cleaning employs professional and conscientious painters with years of experience ready to serve you at a moment’s notice in the Kingston and St. Andrew area.  

Give your home a breath of fresh air and change your mood by surrounding yourself with bright new walls and light. Painting can do wonders in the way you perceive your space and it will be like new without you having to do a full redecoration. 

If you have multiple painting jobs to do or need painting in multiple locations (e.g. your home, Airbnb property, office, or holiday home), you can get a discount along with the best service. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the level of professionalism and service, you can receive a full refund from New Kingston Cleaning. 

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What's in your House & Office Painting service


Your service providers show up on time to your location to carry out your House & Office Painting service.


Team members are not only qualified, but they will work for innovative solutions to any problems.


While we are not the least expensive and not for everyone, you get a service that is guaranteed, or your money back.

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